Dries Van Noten is a lover of heritage and history, but he designs with the present and future in mind. Perhaps one of the famed “Antwerp Six”’s most discernible designers, Dries Van Noten is a man who bears the distinction as the king of modern romanticism. Noted for his eclectic clothes, Dries is celebrated for his liberal use of colors and fabrics. His inspirations come from art, movies, and music, and his collections are a resulting kaleidoscope of creativity.

The Belgian designer descends from two generations of tailors and art collectors, a lineage which helped hone his tastes and relationship with fashion. Despite his education at the esteemed Royal Academy of Fine Arts Antwerp, the designer considered himself rebellious in his juvenile years - an experience that would undoubtedly reflect itself in his sense of bohemian and delightfully discordant fabrics and textures. Coveted for his supreme intermingling of lively prints and baroque embroidery, Dries Van Noten’s archive is brimming with iconic designs that cross cultures and resonate with casuals and connoisseurs alike.

Written by Joseph Bunn


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