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AW2001-2002 “Riot! Riot! Riot!”

Perhaps the most defining show of Raf Simons' early-new-millenium period, the 2001 Autumn/Winter collection titled "Riot! Riot! Riot!", was nothing but a pure interpretation of the crucial inspiration sources, which drove the designer's earlier works: youth, protest and teenage rebellion. Furthermore, in this collection Simons departed from the previously used slim silhouettes to the casual oversized shapes, which can be clearly seen in the wide usage of layering techniques picked up by the designer on Viennese flea markets during his break year at the eponymous label. 

For "Riot! Riot! Riot!" Simons introduced an imposive garment selection that varied from classic pieces such as trench coats and cable sweaters to nearly handmade-looking sleeveless hoodies, distressed sweatshirts and bombers, some of which included patchwork with excerpts from mid 90's newspaper articles stating disappearance of Richey Edwards, a Welsh rock musician known for being the core member of "The Manic Preachers". 

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From 50€ To $50K
Tracing the History of Raf Simons Archive

From 2013-2018 the interest in old Raf exploded. The once forum mogul, David Casavant, began renting out his collection to celebrities such as Kanye West. Pictures of West sporting old Raf pieces spread online like wildfire. These were also the years Demna Gvasalia was making waves with his oversized silhouettes at Vetements, a style Raf had pioneered a decade before. Important mainstream figures and their stylists, notably in the rap community, began catching the affliction for archive Raf like a virus. The supply was low and the demand was high. To find an economic equilibrium, prices on all things Raf ascended beyond heights never reached by archive clothing, resulting in five figure sales.


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