Skull & Crossbones Moto Gloves



Features rubber decorative patches of skulls, crossbones, and stars.
Mesh, suede, and neoprene materials


Good condition. Please see photos for full evaluation.


Size: OS fits all


In 1996, Takahiro Miyashita launched his brand Number (N)ine under Kooks Co. Ltd which is also owned by Miyashita as well. The meaning of the name Number (N)ine is based off the Beatles song “Revolution 9”. Through Miyashita’s work it is no mystery that he was deeply inspired by the Beatles and rock n’ roll as well as American culture.

In the early years, Miyashita mainly focused on establishing his store in Japan, but had a slow start up until about ‘99-00 when his brand started catching attention throughout the country. At this time Miyashita put out a plethora of hits including his well-known Disney collab as well as a few more official collections including my favorite, Takahiro’s “Blue Period” where all of his outerwear and pants were uniquely constructed and netted inside.

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