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Clothing and the Youth:
A Fine Line Between Balance and Chaos

Those who stand at the upper echelons of society yearn for as little as a droplet from the fountain of youth. Despite their attempts at looking down on the generation of tomorrow through condensation and a false sense of entitlement, they inadvertently struggle to keep their own youthful spirits of yesterday in their grasp, frantically searching for solutions. One such means for obtaining spiritual freedom is through the use of clothing: an inherently fluid medium through which designers can transfer adolescent energy into physical form and affect even the wearer’s outlook towards life itself. Heck, even the youth themselves praise designers for truthful portrayals through an arguably superficial medium. But as these designers grow older in age, they become less capable of performing such extraordinary feats, while others who claim to represent the upcoming generations only do so out of greed. Will the youth cease to have an accurate representation of their world through clothing?


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Rick Owens

Owens doesn't represent a brand but a far-reaching lifestyle that speaks to the unwavering loyalty of his fanbase. Between unstructured sartorial garbs, perturbing sculptural furniture, and some of the most bewildering footwear on the market—it's no wonder why "The Lord of Darkness" is so highly revered.

Born Richard Saturnino Owens, the young designer dropped out of the Otis College of Art and Design to pursue pattern-making and draping courses at Los Angeles Trade-Technical College. During his studies, Owens began cutting patterns that illegally knocked-off designer clothing. This tongue-in-cheek attitude would become a fixture of Owens' brand ethos. In 1994, Owens unveiled his inaugural clothing label selling exclusively to Charles Gallay, the operator of L.A's trailblazing avant-garde boutique.

Several years into his design career, Owens met Michelle Lamy through his then-boyfriend at the time, Rick Castro. He worked as a pattern-maker for Lamy starting in 1990, only working for a couple of years before the two began an affair. Together, the tumultuous duo lived a "rock n' roll" lifestyle characterized by the prolific use of drugs and alcohol.

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