Season Coverage

"Boy" was the theme of the collection, and a majority of the models appearing on the runway were boys aged 12 and 13. Flowers formed the principal motif, with shirts featuring flowers blossoming in full glory in strong colour tones of yellow, pink, red, and more. Sunflowers and tulips were lined up on stage while the invitation consisted of a drawing of a boy in a sunflower field. Tomoyasu Hotei made a special appearance. Yohji Yamamoto was a gentleman disconnected himself this season. His collection leapt about like a greatest-hits album, blurting out loud, disjointed guitar licks from the decade past. Almost everything had been seen before, but in more concise, thought-out form: kimono-style navy jackets, flower-printed pieces, suits with thick borders sewn on the edges and school-boy uniforms. Despite flowers popping out from the floorboards around the room, the show felt anything but fresh.

Written by Myclothingarchive


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