Bolero Shrug
Circa 2000’s


This distinctive one-of-one showroom sample garment, designed by Andreas Kronthaler, features an asymmetrical design with padded shoulders, exuding a bold and avant-garde aesthetic. The sash tie closure adds a touch of elegance and versatility to the piece, while zip sleeves contribute to its modern and edgy appeal.


Good condition. Please see photos for full evaluation.


Size 40 fits size small
Chest: 13 Inches
Length: 23.5 Inches
Sleeve length: 31.5 Inches


In the mid 80s, shortly after the closing of Vivienne Westwood’s “World’s End” shop, she spent time in Italy trying to re-define her brand, and in the process design a new groundbreaking collection. She had the loose idea of juxtaposing the iconography of British Royalty with futurist aesthetics, representing her current mission statement of “taking tradition into the future.” A close collaborator lent Vivienne some Astronomy magazines from the 60s. One of which had a rendering of Saturn on the cover that she was particularly fond of. She designed the “Deep Sky Blazer” using influence from King Charles II, detailing the garment with his coronated Sovereign Orb. To create a futurist angle as well, she added a satellite ring around the orb, inspired by Saturn from the cover. Her close collaborator Carlo D’Amario saw this design, and told her that it was perfect for her logo, as it illustrated her desired brand statement thoroughly. Over 30 years later, this graphic has managed to stay in the vocabulary of fashion’s visual history, and funny enough, these necklaces are what the new generation of consumers know her for.

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