"GODOG" Multi Laced Combat Boots




Rubber gum soles, intricate double lace, and Undercover branded backside zippers. Leather creases naturally from wear.(Original dustbag and box present)


Good condition. Please refer to photos for full evaluation. 


Size 9-10


The sheer influence of Japanese brand Undercover is ever so instilled in the flood of modern-day designers that perhaps a short exploration into its groundbreaking accomplishments would be deemed as futile. Nevertheless, Undercover has proven to stand against the test of time since its inception in the early 1990s. From its diverse portfolio of collections and inspirations to the various sub-labels such as GYAKUSOU and MAD Store, the all-encompassing brand has never ceased to capture the hearts and souls of the generations of tomorrow. However, to delve deeper into the brand’s real roots and philosophy, one would first need to delve into its founder: Jun Takahashi.

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