"One-Off 'THE MAD MARKET' Leather Jacket


Time and time again, Jun Takahashi of Undercover continues to amuse the brand's followers by incorporating past references into the its clothing; The 'GROUPIE' logo originates from Spring/Summer 1999 'Relief,' and the 'Undercover One and Only' neck tag stitched onto the interior serves as an ode to Undercover's original One-Off pieces of the early 1990s. Created for Undercover's Autumn/Winter 2010 collection 'Avakareta Life,' the leather jacket has been specially distressed throughout, resulting in a futuristic punk aura. On the backside is the custom 'The Mad Market' chains graphic along with Undercover's U Logo and One-Off branding. Other features include 'URCR' branded zippers and wired hood with sherpa lining.


9/10 condition. Please see photos for full evaluation.


Size 4


The sheer influence of Japanese brand Undercover is ever so instilled in the flood of modern day designers, that perhaps a succinct exploration into its groundbreaking accomplishments would be deemed as futile. Nevertheless, Undercover has proven to stand against the test of time since it’s inception in the early 1990s. From its diverse portfolio of collections and inspirations to the various sub labels such as GYAKUSOU and MAD Store, the all-encompassing brand has never ceased to capture the hearts and souls of the generations of tomorrow. But in order to delve deeper into the brand’s true roots and philosophy, one would first need to delve into it’s founder: Jun Takahashi.

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