"68" Reissue Black Yarn



This black yarn iteration of the highly sought after reissue 68s were made in limited quantities for an exclusive release at Zozotown. From the chunky yarn detailing, to the fraying on the bottom hem - these pants were harmoniously deconstructed and put back together with external elements. The entire numbers line were carefully distressed, as Jun purposely avoided detailing that would render them nonfunctional, which ultimately created a line of garments that balance both form and function.


Good condition. Please see photos for full evaluation.


Size 2, Fits 30
Waist: 15.5 Inches
Hem: 7 Inches


After making his debut appearance at Paris Fashion Week in 2002, Jun Takahashi began to evolve past his undeniable love for the punk aesthetic and search for more nuanced references and themes for Undercover’s future collections. And, although the references between collections have commonalities between them, such as Jun’s affinity for music and art, they couldn’t be farther apart when viewed individually. Look no further than comparing and contrasting the work of Anne-Valerie Dupond and Dieter Rams, whose philosophies and aesthetics were used as references for Undercover’s AW04 and SS10 collections. Not only has Takahashi been consistently delving into more obscure references, but also been noted to incorporate increasingly immersive fantasy elements into both runway shows and read-to-wear collections.

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