Sample Monster Vest


Elaborate in its state of elegancy, the Monster Vest brings inner madness to the forefront for all to bear witness. The front of the piece features peculiar pockets, mimicking an aesthetic similar to octopus tentacles. Both sides have Soloist-branded zippers, the interior fully padded with military-inspired lining. In addition the piece is a sample piece, produced prior to the official ready-to-wear collection thus generally unreleased to the general public.


Good condition. Please see photos for full evaluation.


No tagged size. Fits medium


Takahiro announced that he was going to start up his new project called TakahiroMiyashitaTheSoloist where his designs would align with his potential and progression as a solo artist. Here he would focus on more eclectic designs this time stemming from multiple inspirations instead of a more fixed view as he had with Number (N)ine.

Since the start, Takahiro has proved that he cannot be put into a box as his work continuously breaks barriers and progresses with him year after year. In my opinion, all of Miyashita’s work is and will remain timeless for decades to come.

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