NYC Bones Ring


Utilizing his sense of style and humorous yet cool sensibilities, Miyashita redefined the NY Logo into a ring like non other. Taken from The New York Yankees Logo, bones are used to join together the iconic combination of letters, forming a symbol of both New York City and streetwear at large. Last but certainly not least, the ring is fully formed from white sterling silver, with a tasteful glow that brings about a feeling of total glory. 


Good condition. Please see photos for full evaluation.


Size: One Size


It wasn’t till about a year later that Takahiro announce that he was going to start up his new project called TakahiroMiyashitaTheSoloist where his designs would align with his potential and progression as a solo artist. Here he would focus on more eclectic designs this time stemming from multiple inspirations instead of a more fixed view as he had with Number (N)ine.

Since the start, Takahiro has proved that he cannot be put into a box as his work continuously breaks barriers and progresses with him year after year. In my opinion, all of Miyashita’s work is and will remain timeless for decades to come.

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