Blistered Leather Dunks
W2006 ‘Dustulator’


The elevated evolution of Nike's classic athletic sneaker as interpreted by Rick Owens, dubbed 'dunks.' First released in the Fall 2006 'Dustulator' collection, the signature shoe halted production after receiving a cease-and-desist from Nike, making it all the more sought after. Constructed with a textured, blistered leather with the infamous swoosh on the side, oversized tongue, stapled sole, and side-zip closure.


Decent condition, staples and soles are in tact. Please see photos for full evaluation.
Original shoe box included.


Size 41, fits a US 8-9

The lore behind the Dunk has traveled throughout a variety of circles from sneaker-heads to avant-garde aficionados. It’s a shoe that has remained effortlessly relevant in a time of fast-paced consumption. The Dunks popularity is undoubtedly correlated to the alleged cease and desist “Owenscorp” received from Nike in 2008. This iteration was among the first to be released. Rick stated that he designed the shoe to combat the prosaic nature of the readily available athletic shoes. He did so by integrating design motifs that directly referenced several popular footwear companies on the medial side of a gargantuan “monster truck”-esque silhouette.

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