Digicamo Turtleneck
AW2002 “Virginia Creeper”


Over-sized digital black and gray camouflage knit turtleneck. Featuring a comfortable lightweight and stretchy fabric, this top blends military-inspired elements with a classic silhouette perfectly. Labelled as OS, it is meant to accomodate all sizes. 


Good condition. Please see photos for full evaluation.


Size: OS, fits XS-XL
Pit to Pit: 24 Inches
Length: 28 Inches
Sleeve Length: 25 Inches


Raf Simon's AW2002 collection aimed to explore the duality of man and nature, illustrated by its reference to the pest plant "Virginia Creeper," which kills other plants around the human-made structures they frequent. When strictly examining the formal nature of the produced garments, one may think the collection was a study on American school uniforms or summer camp attire under the lens of 80s horror flicks; they would be right. The horror aesthetic was further illustrated by the natural distressing of the silhouettes caused by a chemical treatment that eats away at the fabric induced by the wearer's body heat over time.

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