Parka Jacket
A/W03 "Closer"


Iconic A/W03-04 ‘Closer’ fishtail Parka. The parka features Peter Saville’ artwork of New Order & Joy Division, a Bauhaus logo painted onto the jacket as well as a collage sewn onto the back of the coat. The parka also has a detachable fleece layer.


Good condition. Please see photos for full evaluation.


Size 46, Fits Large


The impact of Peter Saville on Raf Simons is immeasurable, as the record sleeves designed by Saville shaped Simons formally and conceptually as a designer. The dismal lyrics of Ian Curtis accompanied by Saville’s Neo-Classist imagery translated into Raf’s work through consistent themes of isolation and angst. Raf’s constant attachment to his youth days, as well as his re-imagination of the youth culture around him is clearly evident in his structural or formal materializations of the rave, punk and new-wave music scenes. Both designers explore the “Interzone,” which is the in-between space between design and art, pop and modernism, and fashion and music. When asked to identify “Interzone," Simons stated: "I can’t define it. I’ve been trying to find out for two decades now and I find myself ending up in ‘Interzones’ without knowing how to define it but it’s something that attracts me very much. [Saville and I] used to create that kind of space and moment in relation to the world." This collection was the first of many collaborations between the two, as currently Raf has brought Saville’s graphic techniques into both of his worlds at Calvin Klein last year, and in a collection under his mainline “Raf Simons” brand just a couple of months ago.

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