Kurt Cobain Sweater
SSAW03 “Touch Me I’m Sick”



Takahiro Miyashita has always been entrenched in the world of Grunge. His “Touch Me I’m Sick” collection was created through close examination of the grunge style. He extracted design motifs from countless seminal garments, and created his own interpretations. This piece referenced Kurt Cobain’s iconic striped knit sweater, from the thick yarn construction mimicking the OG’s handmade qualities, to the appropriately oversized fit of the silhouette.

Kurt got the sweater at Kings Hall in Belfast at a show he was playing with “the Breeders” and “Teenage Fanclub” in 1992. A fan named Chris Black was invited backstage after an alteration with the venue’s security. Kurt’s girlfriend, Courtney Love, was infatuated with the fan’s red striped sweater, and insisted on purchasing it. She forced Kurt to wear it so he would look like Sid Vicious, as he used to wear a similar sweater by Vivienne Westwood.


Good condition. Please see photos for full evaluation.


Size 2, Fits medium


As a high school dropout, Takahiro Miyashita began his fashion career working for Japanese men's style magazines and, eventually, Nepenthes. He often found himself traveling to the US, and consequentially, developed an obsession with Americana clothing, rock 'n roll, and the Pacific Northwest. Thus, Number (n)ine began in 1996, when Miyashita started selling t-shirts emblazoned with motifs of crosses, skulls, a crying heart logo, and musical notes.

Acknowledged for his fanatically elaborate construction of high quality garments, Miyashita has created a detail-oriented approach to a traditionally simplistic design process. Number (n)ine t-shirts are often characterized by signature neckline and hem distressing, air vents located under the armpit, and sewed-in loops along the shoulder seam. 

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