Hybrid Cargo Pants
AW2005 "The High Streets"


Considered by the archival fashion community as one of Number (N)ine's sought after pieces, the Hybrid Docking Cargos utilizes juxtaposition of everyday clothing at its best. The top is formal trousers, bottom sweatpant material with distressing on knee areas and made from soft cotton, with MA-1 style pocket on left side. Shoelaces are used as drawstrings for both waist and cuffs.


Good condition. Please see photos for full evaluation.


Fits 30. 


As a high school dropout, Takahiro Miyashita began his fashion career working for Japanese men's style magazines and, eventually, Nepenthes. He often found himself traveling to the US, and consequentially, developed an obsession with Americana clothing, rock 'n roll, and the Pacific Northwest. Thus, Number (n)ine began in 1996, when Miyashita started selling t-shirts emblazoned with motifs of crosses, skulls, a crying heart logo, and musical notes.

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