Belt Pouch



The belt pouch feature a metal buckle and a tonal contrast displaying a military olive green canvas. Serves as a unisex piece that can be worn both as a belt and a cross body pouch.


Good condition. Please see photos for full evaluation.


Size: One Size


Martin Margiela became known for his ubiquitous practice of deconstruction and transformation, in which he reinvented the volumes and shapes of a garment. He often modified found object’s original use; playfully turning them on their head. Margiela’s vision was always to maintain the focus on the clothes.
His work was deconstructionist because he took not only the garment itself into consideration, but also the system that produced it. Ideas about haute couture, tailoring, high or low fashion, innovation, and commercialism do not arise from any apolitical standpoint, nor are they formulated as criticisms of established fashion assumptions. Margiela's work began from a set of analyses questioning the established theories of what already exists in order to search for alternatives that can be brought to life, both within and outside the system.

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