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The Rock n’ Roll culture of the early 90s’ and 2000s’ molded JPG aesthetically as a designer. The musicians' liberated style inspired his ready-to-wear runway ensembles, the strong visual language behind the music was frequently referenced in his prints. Furthermore, these references would go on to shape his Spring/Summer 2001 collection, as proven by the show’s invitational that was adorned with Rock motifs such as Skulls, Bats, and Infernal Flames. Upon arrival, viewers were met with an atypical runway setting, large speakers lined the back, and models would parade a dirt field while guzzling beer. Sartorial with a punk twist would advance this sinister undertone. Jean Paul Gaultier was never one to deviate from pushing boundaries. Garments for this collection were asymmetrical, biker jackets were combined with sheer floral dresses, and most of the pieces were disproportionate. At times styling overpowered the clothes. To tie it all in together, Gaultier would use sacrilegious iconography of Satan across blouses, dresses, and bags.

Written by Riley & Leo


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