White Denim

AW 1998


Classic five pocket white denim jeans. Slight distressing throughout, Helmut Lang hardware, and button zip closure.


8/10 condition. Please see photos for full evaluation.


Size: 32
Waist: 15.5 in
Inseam: 31 in
Length: 42 in
Drop: 10 in


Helmut Lang’s introduction into fashion was akin to many menswear aficionados of late, as he took an interest in the garments worn by the stylish residents of Vienna. He admired them and wanted to explore this medium for himself. He has often been labeled as a minimalist, as he followed the modernistic architecture principle of “form follows function” religiously. He reimagined otherwise mundane clothing articles through precise alternations that ultimately transformed them into stylish wearable garments, unheard of at the time in menswear. His opus retrospectively displays a constant dialogue between the consumer and the product, as his pieces vary from those everyday pairs of jeans to gaudy sequin parkas for costuming.

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