M69 Flak Jacket



Inspired by the US Army M69 Flak vests, this jacket is one of the most coveted Helmut Lang pieces, as it encapsulates both his militaristic and bondage inspired work. It is made from densely woven cotton and nylon fabric, filled with pure goose down, allowing it to be windproof and water-resistant. It also features bondage carrying straps on the interior so the jacket can be carried like a backpack.


9/10 condition. Please see photos for full evaluation.


Size: 38, Fits size small
Pit to Pit: 20 Inches
Length: 27 Inches
Sleeve: 25 Inches


Helmut Lang's primary practice as a conceptually trained sculptor translated into his fashion design work both formally, and theoretically. Many concept driven sculptures consider the context in which where and how they are displayed. In the same vein Helmut always considered the context of functionality even within his ready-to-wear work. His opus displays a constant dialogue between the wearer and the garment, as every individual has an experience, and a specific use of the garment at hand. Helmut’s “Astro” jackets illustrate this point perfectly, as the inner straps that lock the wearer strikes up an individualized experience.

Helmut Lang often reimagined otherwise mundane articles of clothing. He brought them into his world through minimalistic alterations that ultimately perfected them. In the late 90s, Helmut’s embellishments were often straightforward in both form and process. Many of his basics during this time would be adorned with a simple stripe from one end to the other, which in a sense both recognized and accentuated the proportions of the silhouette.

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