Landi Chair



Sold individually or as a set of 2.
Aluminium perforated with 91 punched holes, which give the chair its characteristic appearance and a leight weight.

Shipping and delivery is not included in purchase.
Please email for shipping or delivery quotes.


Good vintage condition.
Please see photos for full evaluation.


Seat Height: 47.5 cm / 18 3/4 inch
Width: 51.5 cm / 20 1/4 inch
Height: 79.5 cm / 31 1/4 inch
Depth: 65 cm / 25 1/2 inch


“The Landi Chair occupies an important place in twentieth-century design history. The chair not only articulates a Swiss design philosophy characterised by reduction, functionality and precision. It also stands at the interface of classic modernism and organic forms of mid-century design. Despite its pioneering achievements, the Landi Chair still remains an insider tip beyond Switzerland's borders. Although represented in leading design collections worldwide and cherished by many designers and architects, it is lesser known among the broader public than the cheap imitations with perforated plastic shells, which have proliferated in gardens and terraces since the 1960s.

Charles and Ray Eames knew of the Landi Chair and appreciated its innovative characteristics. It stood in the garden of their home in Pacific Palisades. “ source

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