Leather Combat Boots
AW2007 "Navigate"



Slimane executed his last show at Dior perfectly, showcasing a glimpse towards the future with new era proportions, sensational sequence of jackets, geometric mohair sweaters, and military-esque coats. Complimented with the garments are the now ever-most coveted combat boots that were paired with every outfit. Known for its extremely slim silhouette and thick crepe sole, these were the quintessential pair of boots to showcase Slimane's refined vision leaving audience and fans alike wanting more.


Good condition. Please see photos for full evaluation.


Size 42


Hedi Slimane is widely regarded as the fashion designer who brought his signature '80s glam look to large fashion houses. His photographic work is often overlooked, however it is essential to his main practice. His work primarily focuses on youth cultures in Berlin and California. He often goes to underground shows of all varieties to document the different characters of interest, which he later references in his fashion work. This is really what separates him from other designers, as he is constantly in sync with the youth culture of the now, making his work truly feel contemporary.

Hedi Slimane was thrusted into the mainstream design conversation during his tenor at Dior, which ended in 2007 with a collection widely regarded to have featured some of his best work – AW07 “Navigate.” His recent work at Celine sparked a divide within this conversation, as Hedi’s work has always adhered to a strict system that balances uniformity with rebellion, which has produced quite predictable outcomes. We know to expect slim silhouettes partnered with a generous usage of dark tones, which are paired elegantly to exaggerate the wearer’s form in the vein of the style of various Rock-n-Roll icons that influenced him as a young man.

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