Carol Christian Poell

Deadend Blazer


"Visible Meltlock" one-piece Dead End 1 B jacket, featuring model number GM2621B / WIM 10. This exceptional jacket is crafted from 100% virgin wool, ensuring premium quality and comfort.


Great condition. Please see photos for full evaluation.


Size 50, fits around size medium
Pit to Pit: 20 Inches
Sleeve Length: 28 Inches
Length: 31 Inches


Poell grew up in Austria, forcefully immersed in the leather business against his will. Although he mastered the art of constructing garments and manufacturing leather from his family his entire teenage years, he became resentful towards the fashion industry and its patrons. Eventually, he parted from this business and decided to take design into his own hands. Before he could do so, he needed to master the art of tailoring, so he attended “The Costume Michelbeuern School for Tailoring and Dressmaking” in Vienna, until he grew unhappy there, at which point he moved to the “Domus Academy” in Milan. After receiving his masters in fashion design, he shortly after established a company under his namesake “Carol Christian Poell” in 1995.

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