Dark Knight Bunny Bag
Circa 90s



Leather exterior
Adjustable straps
Includes mini bunny plushy inside


Good condition. Please see photos for full evaluation.


Size: One Size


Takao Yamashita, the creator of Beauty : Beast, in 1998 created the Dark Knight and Think, a fairy that aided the Dark Knight. The “Hyper Drive” collection and the Dark Knight was a manifestation after Takao lost his father to cancer and created it as he went back and forth from Nagasaki and Tokyo, sparking a thought of what the future would be like after he passes.
As for the storyline of the character, Takao explains that the Dark Knight was from a chaotic city that destroyed humanity and became the savior of all. Mcqueen Tosh, the main character goes against the godly Altamit AI that destroys humanity by playing certain noises that destroys human’s values and morals through ear deafening music that controls the population. Humans become drones and corrupted creating a dystopia with the Altamit AI ruling over the world. Mcqeen Tosh gets into an accident in Chaos City and somehow loses his physical body. However, Mcqueen Tosh’s father used to create Mechanical DNA (MDNA) and Mcqueen Tosh uses this to his advantage by mixing his soul with the MDNA in order to create a new physical form. Sadly, Mcqueen loses his identity and doesn’t know the meaning of his existence. Luckly, Mcqueen finds a spiritual guide under the fairy “Think” who makes him imagine an animal that he likes and represents him and Mcqueen choses a bunny, eventually creating the Dark Knight. From then, the Dark Knight and Think go on an adventure meeting new fairies and characters that fight side by side in order to take down the evil Altamit AI. During this period of the Dark Knight storyline, Takao released the Dark Knight Album and the Hyper Drive album to go alongside the story. Each album had electronic, noise music that sampled loud beeping noises, crashes and etc to represent what Altamit AI was leaking into the city.

Written by Dylan Nguyen

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