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Martin Margiela's shows always differed from the standardized format, whether they featured an unconventional location or an uncommon garment presentation method. For the fall season of 1998 the famed Belgian couturier deprived his ready-to-wear show of seemingly the most crucial part: models. Instead, the garments were presented on specially designed marionettes created by Jane How — a stylist and close collaborator of Mark Borthwick, who shot the minimalistic campaign for the collection. It is quite possible that this unusual technique was chosen due to Margiela's creative beliefs, according to which the clothing had to be presented without a single distraction, in this case — the model's face (the famous Margiela veils were conceivably introduced for the same reasons). The collection included mostly unembellished garments varying from asymmetrical zipped cardigans and elongated leather skirts to tailored blazers and, most importantly, plastic coating evening dresses.


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