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Junya Watanabe’s Spring / Summer 2002 collection for CDG has become synonymous with the designer and the label. It was Rei Kawakubo protégé’s first menswear show, and he certainly made her proud. He “wanted to put in the collection, something that was the real thing," something “from the heart.” This collection was the experiment that birthed a longterm relationship between Levis jeans and Junya, as he used their classic western offerings as a canvas for his candid typographic imagery. The iconic poem pieces happened organically, and maybe that is why they have stood the test of time. He asked his design team to contribute their thoughts on love, morality, and society. These writings were abbreviated and translated into English, then set in Helvetica all caps. Aside from these short poems; This collection also featured garments adorned with quirky one-liners – such “watermelon,” “curry rice,” or “fat.” These phrases were respectively paired with vibrant silhouettes that together told a universally understood story.

Written by Riley McCarthy


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