Season Coverage

Longtime followers of Undercover are fully devoted to the brand’s vision for its rich culmination of cultural references, all the while maintaining the rebellious spirit ever so vacant in the fashion landscape. One such example of exquisite juxtaposition is through its SS06 collection ’T’. As suggested by the collection’s title, ’T’ embarked on deconstructing and reconstructing tee shirts in order to create entirely new and immersive pieces; this in part was influenced by Undercover designer Jun Takahashi’s admiration for world renowned designer Martin Margiela. The collection also takes reference to Takahashi’s love for alternative rock, military garments and passion for imaginative fantasy, forming a coherent project like none other. Furthermore, ’T’ also incorporated design motifs from five fictional german bands, all of which were created solely for this collection. This culmination of ideas only intensified tenfold as models for the collection wore the clothing down the runway with religious-like styling, all the while surrounded by an profound assortment of dimly lit candles.

Written by Casino Riv


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