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Launched in Spring Summer 2003, Jun Takahashi’s first Paris runway debut collection, dubbed ‘SCAB,’ is widely considered one of his most provocative and standout bodies of work. Posing a clever juxtaposition of Japanese crust core aesthetics against decisively ornate designs, Takahashi’s SCAB collection brought forth a poetic strangeness that is both compelling and baleful. In the scrutiny of Takahashi’s SS03 collection, a parallel is drawn between SCAB and the unique Japanese Crust Punk counterculture it draws from - embodying both decay and frugality. Such ideologies materialized into critical pieces from this collection - the “ethnic” crust pants and backpacks best manifest this, wherein individual patches were stitched over each other to replicate and symbolize human scabs. Throughout the collection, visual cues can be traced back to Jun Takahashi’s prior involvement with the punk and hardcore punk scenes, listening to bands such as Discharge, Crass, GISM, and Charged GBH.


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