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Instead of presenting during Paris Fashion Week, Jun Takahashi of Undercover decided to take an alternate approach by capturing Undercover’s AW09 collection ‘Earmuff Maniac’ in a forest outside Tokyo, Japan. Completely unorthodox from the standard collection showcase, ‘Earmuff Maniac’ depicted a mere two models adorned with the collection’s clothing, walking down a metallic walkway surrounded by trees miles high while being enwrapped in subzero temperatures. However, the most astounding aspect of this showcase was that the models were not fazed by this weather whatsoever. Since 2007, Jun Takahashi had sought to elevate the integration of technology and luxury clothing, subsequently dedicating a substantial amount of time in researching the means to achieve this ideal. The clothing itself is said to utilize material similar to that of NASA while maintaining high-quality visual presentations and tactile sensations. The clothing itself includes a culmination of knitwear with color gradients, graphic prints featuring the likes of Undercover’s ‘GILA,’ Joy Division’s ‘Unknown Pleasures’ graphic incorporated into several garments’ linings, and technologically-driven components that keep its wearer warm by any means necessary.

Written by @casino_riv


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