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The 70’s television series “The Love Boat” was Jean Paul Gaultier’s main inspiration for his Spring/Summer 2000 collection. For this endeavor, Gaultier considered both the seaside vacation attire sported by the show’s cast and the clothing worn by members of different token subcultures that are synonymous with that era. The prints from this collection reflected both ends, as they were reminiscent of some “bad-trip in the tropics” with their vibrant colors, organically fractalized shapes, and ethereal images of faces complemented by warped foliage.

These prints were applied to various fitting 70’s silhouettes, such as the flared cut on these jeans that are comparable to bell-bottoms, or the compact cut sleeves. Akin to the attitude of the Punk and Hippy movements of the ’70s, Gaultier made innovative strides in deconstruction during this collection.

Written by Riley McCarthy 


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