Paisley Knit Sweater
Circa 90s



Issey Miyake’s explorations in knitwear have always proved to be testaments to the designer’s ability to create uniquely wearable pieces of artwork. This particular garment illustrates his ingenuity in regards to craftsmanship and technology, as the ornamental motifs protrude out of the silhouette displaying an unexpected calumniation of divergent materials. Aside from the perfectly boxy construction of the garment; it also features extended sleeves, an elongated width, and a shorted length to drape over the wearer in a traditional yet avant-garde manner.


Good condition. Please see photos for full evaluation.


Size Large
Pit to Pit: 22.5 Inches
Length: 27.5 Inches
Sleeve Length: 21 Inches


Controlled deformation has always been an essential motif within Issey Miyake’s arsenal of tools, which he used to antithesize popular fashion. Miyake still practices this motif today, even in his most commercial endeavors. Take his commercially popular Bao Bao bag for instance, which features modular clunky appliqué detailing that weighs down the interior fabric to deform to the wearer’s body.

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