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After declining a position at Jill Sander, Dior came requesting his talents, and in the AW season of 2001, Hedi Slimane presented “Solitaire”. The collection that formally introduced the world to the Hedi Slimane silhouette and vision. A vital essence of Rock n Roll but with an entirely modern twist, a reflection of the sleekest, most elegant clubber one could imagine. A simple collection with the occasional neon tones while the rest of the garments remained black, white, grey, and brown. The collection was appealing in many ways and to many different people; its androgyny introduced a new man and became appealing as it presented a fresh menswear look, one that was skinny and revealing in an elegant and modern manner. Notably, several of Hedi’s supporters and admirers of his vision were women, and musicians, specifically Rock Stars.


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