Music & Fashion: A Brief History of Greatest Influences


Music and fashion have always gone hand in hand. Being exceptionally powerful, creative outlets, together they form a perfect match, where one flawlessly compliments the other. A carefully arranged instrumental can often inspire an artistic mind in numerous ways ultimately leading it to the best of its work. For many prominent designers who are valued in the archival fashion community, that statement is more than true. Today, by delving deeper into their background, we take a closer look at the intricate relationship of sound and style.

The New and Old Pillars of Japanese Americana


It's well known that Japanese brands make American-style clothing better than Americans can:Momotaro denim, Hender Scheme sneakers, and Blackmeans leather, just to name a few. The phrase "Japanese craftsmanship" itself connotes images of gray-haired artisans hunched over at their desks, honing the same denim jacket throughout their entire lives. W. David Marx, in his book Ametora, goes as far as to say, "Japanese consumers and brands saved American fashion in both meanings of the word—archiving the styles as canonical knowledge and protecting them from extinction."

Modularity in Accessories


The definition of modularity - the use of individually functional units assembled in a single system. In the context of fashion, it is commonly referred to designs that serve multiple functions while still being constructed in the same entity. A waist bag for example could serve as an aesthetic decoration by the waist or a utility pouch for storing items. Designers from the past have always toyed with the idea of having a multifunctional garment that goes beyond the eye. As part of our Miu Miu SS99 capsule collection launch, we have gathered a few prominent designs from the past that can serve as a talking point, to examine and discuss the possibilities in accessories.

The Endless Possibilities of a White Tee


Be it a 1980s vintage tee or a white cotton tee from the ever-ready Uniqlo, we all have a basic white tee shirt that we can lay back and depend on. The one that is suitable for in and out of the house. The idea of a white tee shirt is seemingly pedestrian and mundane, but in the hands of a designer can take on different forms and shapes to create something unexpected. Designers from the past have pushed the quotidian garment into boundaries that it has never stepped in. Be it the material used or the intentional atypical construction, we will be exploring the past and investigating the endless possibilities of the classic white tee.

From 0 to 23: A Look Into The Maison Martin Margiela Reference Guide


Martin Margiela is one of the iconic eponymous figures in contemporary fashion. Yet, there is lack of proper reference when exploring the designer’s influences, inspirations, and motives. His pieces typically lack any external branding, save for four white stitches and a removable tag featuring a sequence of numbers. While these motifs are synonymous with Margiela’s mainstream success, few can readily explain the significance behind each number, stitch, or detail.

From 50€ to $50k -Tracing the History of Raf Simons Archive


The Raf Simons archive craze is at peak today in 2020 yet it’s still growing exponentially. Like a stock that never crashes, it seems every week that passes, old Raf pieces get more and more expensive. This growth stems from his debut in 1995, while the majority of the world neglected him, Raf was a hit in Japan. Showcased all over Japanese publications, he gained a small, yet cult-like, following amongst the youth. Worn around the streets of Tokyo, the youth styled his expensive graphic-heavy items into casual everyday wear.

INTERVIEW: Unveiling Oliver Leone @yourfashionarchive


This page which, through the perseverance of its creator, has arrested the attention of followers interested in scanned images from older fashion magazines. The images are often of those lost in the annals of history, overlooked but seminal moments in the archive of contemporary fashion. While it’s founder may not be a creative, his page is a celebration of creativity and designers that may deserve more recognition and have influenced past and current creative landscapes.

Clothing & the Youth: A Fine Line Between Balance and Chaos


Despite attempts at looking down on the generation of tomorrow through condensation, they struggle to keep their youthful spirits in their grasp, constantly searching for solutions. One mean for obtaining adolescent freedom is through clothing: an inherently fluid medium through which designers can transfer youthful energy into physical form and effect even the wearer’s outlook towards life itself. But as these designers grow older in age, they become less capable of accomplishing such extraordinary feats, while others who claim to represent the upcoming generations only do so out of greed.

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