Season Coverage

Spring/Summer 2005 “Safe” saw Poell’s oeuvre move towards sartorial silhouettes, while also innovating upon existing processes. Standout pieces from “Safe” included the object-dyed unlined rainboot, a transparent horse leather bomber, a kangaroo overlook bomber, and folded brogues. Object-dyed pieces recalled Poell’s background in leather-making and tailoring, as tailored styles offered a distinctly Northern European aesthetic. Pieces such as the sleeved waistcoat, French seam poncho shirt, and unlined overlock jacket with detachable color, on the other hand, offered a more contemporary rendition of Poell’s non-conformist vision. Spring/Summer 2005 “Safe” was also an extension of Poell’s design ethos. Poell designed each of his garments to be worn on its own, without needing other pieces to compliment it. A byproduct of Poell’s childhood and background, “Safe” offers some of Poell’s most versatile designs yet.

Written by Gunner Park


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