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In Alexander Mcqueen’s S/S 1995 show, “The Birds,” Mcqueen combined imagery from Alfred Hitchcock’s cult classic, The Birds (1963), along with visual details representing the idea of roadkill. The show took place in a warehouse known to be used for underground parties, with a dirt floor covered in black tire marks, and a runway painted to resemble a street. The models executed Lee’s vision perfectly, confidently gliding down the runway in outfits adorned with various feathers and bird prints, combined with sleek dresses pieced together only by scotch tape. A few of the models were decorated with skid marks across their bodies, mirroring the runway floor. Not long after the show, Mcqueen was once again accused of being a misogynist, to which he responded, “I design clothes because I do not want women to look all innocent and naive because I know what can happen to them. I want women to look stronger.” Thanks to Mcqueen, the once mocked London Fashion Week began to grow in popularity, proving itself to be an essential event in the fashion world.

Written by Brien Slotnik


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